Tuesday, February 26, 2008

February 2008

The ball is rolling...Casey's "bro" model is finished and shipping. The new "Cyco-Vato" T-Shirts by artist Mike Mckinnis are also shipping. The Sacrifice Crew is gearing up for our Desert Dog Tour in late March. Look for the crew hitting up the best that Arizona has to offer. Sacrifice AM Connor Getzlaff has been spotted through out San Diego filming for the latest Sacrifice video. Zach Peacock and Matt Liebman have been teaming up to film as well. Look for more new T-shirts in the Mckinnis Art Series coming sooner than later...

"Scooter" Getzlaff throwing down a bs flip deep in San Diego County.
Photo: Connor

Monday, February 4, 2008

February 2008

Sacrifice artist Mike Mckinnis is working hard on some new graphics and designs for summer 2008. Casey's model is all finished and should be hitting shops in early March. Dave Nelson and BJ Morrill are heading out to Mexico for some tequila and, well let's face it, more tequila. They promised to sneak in some skating if the drinkng allows it. Don't forget to pick up the new issues od LowCard and Paying in Pain. Also, check out http://www.brokenmagazine.com/, killer new video and magazine.

Photo: Sacrifice homeboy and supporter Kieth Moser gets his at "that pool".
MRZ Photo.