Saturday, August 30, 2008

Casey McMaugh

Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Team Manager and Sacrifice Pro Casey McMaugh shows the youngsters what style is all about.
Melon to Fakie over the hip at the House of Fun.
Photog: Andrew Quinonez

Thursday, August 21, 2008

August 2008

Big Homie, Brock, Connor and Casey hooked up with photog Andrew Quinonez for a kick ass session at the new Sacrifice Hide-away. Look for those photos going up soon. Connor bomb-dropped from "the shack" into a 3 foot over vert piece of cement death. Casey was throwing down fat melon to fakies over the spine while Brock just destroyed every aspect of coping he could grind, good times for sure. Dave Nelson got some coverage of his Oregon trip in the last issue of LowCard. Marginal Way is becoming the new Washington street. The Crew out there is just killing it with new and crazy stuff to skate. Our new deck will be shown at this years ASR booth #3818. Stop by and check out the latest and newest deck in our line up with all original art by Mike Mckinnis. Ben Bulter is on a three week excursion in Seattle and Oregon with a quick stop off in Orcas Island. Connor Getzlaff has continued to dominate in the AM circuit out in S.D. Zach Peacock is working on the second edition of our "Park Life" video series.

Photo: Dave Nelson explores some unfinished section of Marginal Way.
Photog: Mathew Jenkins

Monday, August 18, 2008

Casey McMaugh

Casey Mcmaugh threw down along with some of the AZPX Crew this past weekend.
Pure Style!
Photo: MRZ

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New Ad in Automatic Magazine

As seen in the new issue of Automatic Magazine
Connor Getzlaff and Zach Peacock get the first ever Sacrifice "dual rider" ad in the new issue of Automatic Magazine.
Go buy or Die!
All original art work by Mike Mckinnis. Ad lay out and design by Zach Peacock.
Photo: Andrew Quinonez

Zach Peacock

Pure style
Sacrifice Team Rider, Filmer, Editor and all around good guy Zach Peacock floats one with miles of style.
Photo: MRZ

Dave Nelson

Dave getting down on the Oregon Trail.
Sacrifice team rider Dave Nelson explores the Oregon trail on a high to low ollie with T-Rex looking on.
Photo: Mathew Jenkins

Friday, August 8, 2008

August 2008

So far this month...Connor Getzlaff came down to the I.E. with photog Andrew Quinnonez for a killer photo shoot at Ryan's feild of dreams. Look for some of those photos to hit the web-site real soon. Casey Mcmaugh also came out of his cave long enough to destroy some transistion with lofty melon to fakies over the hip, with Brock Essick throwing in some coping destruction of his own. Alex 'Dinero' Moreno and Jeff Gracia have been spotted filming around town with a new bag of tricks. Jeff Greenwood is out and about once again and has been skating some local parks, glad to see you back on your board homes!!

Photo: 'Dinero' throws down a crooks for the haters.
Photog: Bodica