Monday, April 28, 2008

April 2008

Rene "Big Homie" Morales celebrates his 37th Birthday today! Sacrifice is gearing up for the summer with the "Sacrifice Barrio" Tour. 2 and 1/2 days and as many I.E. parks that can be hit. Look for the tour to kick off in early July. Sacrifice is stoked to announce that long time supporter and artist Brock Essick has joined the familia. Look for some new photos and video of Brock hitting soon. Bart "Chuco" Saric is almost finished with his newest skate film, Smell The 'Crete 2. It features a slew of real heavy hitters as well as a few Sacrifice riders. Look for the premiere hitting sooner than later. Kevin Burke is no longer on Team Sacrifice. As always look for more Team changes as Sacrifice continues on its' journey to a decade in skateboarding...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April 2008

Happy April Fools! Here's the low-down so far. The Dessert Dog Tour has been cancelled because of prior commitments. Eventually will get to Arizona, probably in the middle of summer to sweat our nuts off. That being said, the crew will be at the 2008 Death Race at Semi-Valley Skate Lab this Saturday (April 5th). Look for most of the Sacrifice Team in the event and/or getting their lurk on. As most of you might know by now, BJ Morrill has moved on to get in on the ground up of a new skate company. We know that BJ will represent hard for his new team and make things happen, good luck homeboy! With that, Sacrifice has picked up all around bad-ass Mike Runyan. This guy does not *bleep* around and is 100% no joke 24/7. Check out Mike's footage on the main page, serious skating! The new Low-Card and Concussion are circulating. Get out from under your rock and pick up the new issues!

Dave Nelson's new ad as seen in the new issues of Low-Card and Concussion.