Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 2008

Alex "Dinero" Moreno just got picked up by Sussios 'Dirty nuts' Hardware out of the Mid-West, orale little vato! Rene Morales and Zach Peacock are working on a new pod-cast/ video diary for the Sacrifice Site, should be up in a week or so. Casey Mcmaugh is M.I.A., anybody seen him? Jeff Garcia has been busy filming for the new Sacrifice Video along with Mike Runyan and Connor Getzlaff. Look for our newest board with all original graphics by Mike Mckinnis to hit soon. 8 1/8x32 with a 14" wheel base. Alrato vatos...

Photo: Brock Essick came out of hiding to shoot this f/s rock ala Ryan's.