Tuesday, November 10, 2009

November 2009

Sacrifice resident pro Casey McMaugh has his second model out now with us for Winter 2009. Killer new shape available in two sizes, look for it. Sacrifice Art Director Chris Thatcher is at it once again with more new graphics for our 2010 line up. Also, a limited edition collectible "art" zine will be available in some of the new decks. These will have one original hand drawn art piece from Thatcher, autographed and numbered. The zine is very "racy" so only a limited number will be produced. Zach Peacock and BJ Morrill with have their own graphic decks coming out in late February/March of 2010, part of our new line up. Zach's board has all original art by Zach himself with BJ's art coming courtesey of Thatcher. Sacrifice and Anchor Blue are working together on a I.E. Tour for early Spring 2010. Look for the Anchor Blue Trailer rolling through a town near you very soon! See you in 2010!!
Photo: Dave Deluna finds yet another gem.